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Knowledge Production on the Middle East

By Bassam Haddad.

ASI aims to embark on a historic project that it is uniquely positioned to undertake. For decades, analysts spoke of the skewed and distorted portrayal of the Middle East in academia, the media, and policy circles in the United States primarily. But the data to corroborate such claims, or any other fundamental claims on knowledge production, is either missing or scattered. There has never been a sustained attempt at gathering a comprehensive database of knowledge production on the Middle East that would be a resource, and a fact-checking mechanism, for confirming or debunking dominant knowledge and convictions in relation to the region, and for all parties/actors involved. In this eight-year project, KPP will involve the creation of six databases that include all peer-reviewed articles on the region, all books, and a variety of other online and hard-copy sources of knowledge, including Think-Tanks’ policy papers, films, and websites that produce knowledge. We seek to create such a comprehensive database and make it accessible to the public as an open source project. The potential uses are multiple across the board of potential audiences and perpetually self-regenerating.


Production of Knowledge Project
CLAW (Cyber-life in the Arab World)
Networks Project (Organizations, Scholars, Advocates)
Pre-College Pedagogy
SALD (Strategy and Leadership Development)


The Poetics & Politics of Mourning in Arab Poetry
Violence, Terrorism, Liberalism
The New Political & Economic Elite Power Nexus
The Science of Food
The Education of HIstory
Lawfare: A Study of the Legal Campaign Against American Torture in the "War on Terror"
Practicing Citizenship in Lebanon: Religious Conversion and Da`wa Secularism
Making the Economy, Producing the State: Conflict and Institution Building in Lebanon
The Role of the US Executive in Shaping Social Constructions of Race: A Case Study of the Arab, Muslim, Palestinian Terrorist
Making History: Petro-modernity and Spatial Transformations in Saudi Arabia